Our top basic wedding poses all couples need!

Posing in wedding photography is quite a far more of an art form than it is a science! It requires much more analysis and understanding than people realise. When we first started wedding photography, this was our biggest fear and the toughest factor to study. We asked seasoned photographer Joab Smith Photography who provides wedding photography across Bristol to help us out with his must-have wedding poses.

We had a good handle on light and flash, and our post production was substantial. But posing was a different story. With the wrong pose, you may create an otherwise attractive couple appear awkward, clumsy, and even unattractive.

On the flip side, with the right pose and the ideal angles, you can conceal blemishes and “flaws” and even make your customers look skinnier.Furthermore, with odd posing, you may produce a remarkably deep and organic set of newlyweds seem uncomfortable and removed. With the correct poses, you can make even the most hardened and stoic pairs seem undeniably enjoyable and in love.Below, we will go over a few basic poses that we teach in the workshop. Bear in mind that these are merely eight wedding poses out of hundreds of poses you’ll have to master to be a fantastic wedding photographer.How can you come up with hundreds of wedding poses? The solution is small posing contrasts.

Slight modifications in hand placing, feet positioning, head location, facial emotions, and posture can alter the whole mood and feel of a wedding image. Below are just ten basic wedding poses, to begin with.

1. WEDDING POSE 1 | THE V UP – This is your most classic, basic wedding pose. Make certain to have your couple touching at the hips with hands anywhere but dangling at the bride and groom’s sides.

2. WEDDING POSE two | OPENED UP – From the most basic marriage pose, the V Up, you can have your couple just open up their feet towards the camera, and you’ve got the “Opened Up” pose.

3. WEDDING POSE 3 | CLOSED UP – The most typical wedding pose is that which we as the described in the industry as a “Closed Up” pose. We’ve named it this because their bodies are closed off, and they’re facing each other. After this you can get intimate poses and impromptu poses depending on the place you had the bride and groom look and based on their expression.

4. WEDDING POSE 4 | STACKED – The “stacked” wedding pose is terrific for those romantic photos where it resembles the wedding couple is gazing off into the distance. We utilise this pose frequently with expansive, panoramic landscape wedding photos.

5. WEDDING POSE 5 | THE SWING – The Swing pose climbs in action into a scene. Use this selectively and make certain to gauge your groom’s capability to hold up the bride’s weight.

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6. WEDDING POSE 6 | THE CARRY – Like the Swing, the next pose, “the carry,” adds some interesting action and motion to a scene. It is somewhat more traditional than the “swing” and might require a bit more energy from the husband. The picture on the back is still considered a carry because it’s the same pose but just with the groom seated.

7. WEDDING POSE 7 | STAGGERED COUPLE – “The Staggered Couple” is sometimes overused in the modern wedding photography, but it might add some much-needed variation to your posing. With this pose, you can place the focus on merely one of the two.

8. WEDDING POSE 8 | MEET IN THE MIDDLE – The “Meet in the Middle” is a cute pose. Also, we call it the penguin kiss due to how the couples have to stick out their rear ends. This is terrific for symmetrical scenes like the ones below.