What You Will Need To Know About Settings For Engagement Rings

There are many things to consider when shopping for engagement rings and the setting are high on the list. We invited one of our regular contributors Phil Harris from https://www.theweddingphotographercardiff.com/ to give us a few pointers on the subject.

The mounting of your engagement ring affects the ring’s style — thus think about your ring setting attentively.

If a diamond is Forever, you require a setting that is likely to last. It is important to consider the engagement ring setting, or mounting, as a portion of the general layout — and also know how it can result in the bead’s everlasting beauty.


For Men and Women who use their hands a Lot, the bezel retains diamonds snug and prevents them from snagging on items.


People think different things if they refer to a diamond’s preference. At times you’ll hear jewellers talks about the entire ring when describing the ring that you pick.


Technically, a ring is created Up of 2 components: the shank, or the body of the ring, as well as the head or gallery — the alloy which puts the diamond into position. The atmosphere provides more than safety for your diamond. It is an important characteristic of the diamond’s appearance. Following is a primer on the fundamental sorts of ring configurations.


Prong placing

Prong settings would be the most common and favourite settings for Diamond engagement rings. They behave like little claws, climbing up to grasp the diamond. They can hold any dimension stone set up, but are usually utilised to maintain a larger centre stone (or even several featured stones).

A diamond ring against a white backdrop.


Prong configurations vary based on The form of the diamond. With brilliant round diamonds, you most often see four or even six prongs fostering a diamond up. Both ring configurations are secure, and also the four-prong setting lets you view more of the stone. For fancy-shaped diamonds (for instance, a princess-cut or pear shape), prongs may choose “V” shapes to guard the sharply angled corners.



These configurations put diamonds On a base, quite literally. Scale up and unhindered by a large amount of metal, a bead can distribute light more readily, producing the display and flash of rainbow colours which create a diamond so visually lovely.



While prong configurations are Extremely safe — particularly platinum prongs — some folks feel safer using a feeling that tucks down the diamond beneath the metal more firmly. You will want to have your ring analysed periodically to ensure that the prongs remain tight and the diamond is protected. Also, for individuals whose hobbies or work need them to utilise their hands a great deal, prong settings may snag, scratch or possibly even place the diamond in danger of damage or loss.


Halo Setting

The halo setting secures the ring centre stone under a Rim adorned with pavé, invisible-set or channel-set diamonds. Popular with stars, the halo setting produces a spectacular diamond appearance that’s delicate and feminine. Halo settings may be round or squared off on either side.



The halo setting unites the Safety of a prong along with the allure of numerous diamonds. The diamond-encrusted collar which holds the centre diamond set up retains the centre diamond from scratching or knocking against surfaces and provides wearers reassurance without undermining the cherry diamond radiance. The multiple-diamond setting will make the prong-set centre diamond appear bigger.

A diamond ring against a white backdrop.



Because many halo configurations Utilize pavé or micro-pavé diamonds around the outside of the middle stone, there may be issues with diamonds coming loose.


Channel placing

Seeking like a channel of water that is drinkable, a station setting in A ring features a row of stones side by side, suspended by person chairs cut into either side of the station. This setting is commonly used in wedding ring layouts or to get side stones accenting the centre diamond of an engagement ring.


How the diamonds Can fit snugly around the ring makes the station feeling famous for eternity, wedding or anniversary rings — it can signify the harmonious goodwill of love and dedication. Sometimes you will also see channel-set stones using a bar between each rock, called a pub setting.



The station set, when Implemented professionally, locks every diamond safely into individual chairs in the group, keeping them from being pumped out of place. The flush diamonds produce a stunning sparkle and “large diamond” look. Since they are put flush or below with the metallic rows that maintain them, the diamonds are safeguarded and suitable for women with busy lifestyles.



Channel settings may be somewhat More expensive due to the metallic and labour required. The full price of the ring is also greater for many diamonds.


Invisible setting

Envision a palace floor created entirely of diamonds. That is the Impression generated by the invisible setting, which assembles a grid of princess-cut, or square diamonds set side by side to seem as an all-diamond surface.


Invisible-set diamonds have Special stations cut into them that let them be put from beneath, and typically place flush into metal enclosing the diamond’s grid layout, thus providing the illusion nothing is holding them together.



Invisible settings produce a Significant diamond appearance, and a distinctive, modern style.



These configurations are riskier than most since it is harder to maintain the diamonds set up. Additionally, it ‘s hard and costly to discover jewelry-repair men and women who can fix them when the diamonds do come loose. Make sure only to purchase your invisible-set diamond ring from a reliable jeweller, and also to ensure that the ring in the event the diamonds become ruined or drop out.


Pavé and micro-pavé

Hollywood glamour. Complex Italian elegance. Pavé diamond Rings call up a lot of romantic pictures and may be an ideal selection for a woman who is in love — along with her fiancé and with classic style.


Lewis Romane, a respected wedding photographer from Lewis Romane Photography added that literally “paving” a ring Surface with little diamonds, a pavé ring sparkles but allows the layout to be subtle, averting large diamond that some girls may find as gaudy. The method involves producing small beads or prongs in the surrounding metal to hold the diamond in place. Designs which use many very smaller diamonds or stones are called “micro-pavé.”



Pavé diamonds produce a Whole Lot of Flash and flair. Because they are smaller, the total weight of the diamonds used in the ring is reduced, hence bringing down the price. Pavé makes a smooth surface that works with busy lifestyles. The plan is distinctive and modern but may also offer you a classic appearance.



Pavé and micro-pavé configurations, Since they utilise small diamonds set on the face of a ring, take the danger of diamonds falling outside. Much like imperceptible and station settings, make sure that you work with a reputable jeweller to make certain your pavé configurations are nicely done, which means you won’t need to substitute any diamonds.


Bezel placing

At a bezel-set ring, the metal is designed around the shape of the Diamond, as well as the cap of the rock sits flush into the perimeter of this atmosphere. Although this setting is your conservative direction of placing a gemstone, popular before the late 19th century, even the bezel setting re-emerged in the 1990s as a favourite selection for admirers of natural, modern jewellery.


There are two choices for Bezel configurations: a complete bezel (that encircles the whole stone) and also a partial bezel (that holds two sides of this stone, however leaves openings around the other 2). A complete bezel covers roughly 10 percent of this diamond, although most people only find the cover of the diamond if a lady is wearing the ring.

What You Will Need to Know About Settings For Engagement Rings


For Individuals who work directly With different people, play sports or even use their hands a good deal, the bezel retains diamonds comfortable and prevents them from snagging on things, knocking against scratching or surfaces different men and women. Lots of individuals also appreciate the bezel setting because of its distinctive and clean, contemporary appearance.



Some people think the bezel Setting does not let as much light to the diamond since so much metal encircles it. Other people assert a well-cut diamond’s mild mostly enters and leaves through the surface of the diamond as well as the diamond’s hidden bottom should not matter. Irrespective of who is right, the fact that the bezel setting hides a number of the diamond may not appeal to everybody. A bezel-set ring could even be more expensive due to the excess metal and labour involved with making the bezel.


Study Your bride-to-be’s In overall taste and style when considering the ideal diamond setting for your Engagement ring you purchase and be sure that you’re comfortable with the prices and Dangers of a setting until you buy it. And always make certain to buy with a secure and guarantee your ring.